Hit The Luscious Celebs Beyonce And Jay Z They Rumored To Have Split The

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Not long ago the issue of no small family couples hit the luscious celebs Beyonce and Jay z. They rumored to have split the House. Is It Really True

Offered from Hollywoodlife, Beyonces party denied the rumors that say the diva has a fight with her husband. Do not want to split with Jay Z, Beyonce would instead wish to add children.

Beyonce is eager to add to the family. There was no word of farewell, said the source, Monday 18 November 2013.

Jay Z was rumored among the cold war with Beyonce. They were longunseen mesra together.

theyre just busy. Both are still there, said the source.

Jaz Z is likely too busy with scheduled manggungnya. Even Jay Z is also referred to as a man less responsible for not giving priority to the interests of his family.

Jay Z went to Australia to visit Beyonce when Mrs. Carters tour of Australia. The arrival of Jay Z was to discuss the issue of those who have been getting worse, said the source, Friday November 15, 2013.The source also adds

, Jay Z and Beyonce got involved in a mouth Buffalo cafe in Miami. Jay Zs gig schedule dense unbeknownst to Beyonce is considered to be the root of the problems of their households.

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Om Malaysia M Adam Yahya To Be Held On November However All Of That

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Nuri Maulida artist wedding party with the guy from Malaysia, m. Adam Yahya to be held on 22 November. However, all of that plan had to be postponed because of Adams father fell ill.

Nuri also must accept it gracefully. The wedding itself, to be held at a luxury hotel in the area of Wijaya, South Jakarta.

wedding fee Rumoured Nuri reached Rp5 billion. Responding to this, representatives of the wedding organizer, Rina Gunawan denied the news.

Dont kok, cancellation is made 7 days ago, he said during a news conference at the restaurants two Islands, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday 18 November 2013.

Rinas own claims to be shocked to hear the news of delays marriage Nuri. Whereas the preparation is ripe and waiting staying execution only.

but because decisions of Kuala Lumpur as well, hence we have to appreciate, explained the wife of Teddy Shah

Rina were also feel what is being faced by the soap opera players fall in love . According to him, Nuri and Adam eagerly prepares his marriage.

I am here as a test of true feeling WO experienced both sides. I provide support for Adam and Parrots, said Rina.

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Igin Malaysia M Adam Yahya Had To Be Postponed Such A Delay Because The

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Nuri Maulida pesinetron marriage with Countess origin Malaysia, m. Adam Yahya had to be postponed. Such a delay, because the prospective inlaws Nuri was ill in Saudi Arabia.

Nuri was supposed to establish a marriage with Adam on Fri, 22nd November. And held a reception on Sunday, 24th November.

However, due to the condition of the father Adam unhealthy, Yahya Nuri decided to delay their marriage. These artists do not know until when will delay their marriage.

Parrots just ask his prayer at all. I hope papa was given relief. Somewhat less ethically discuss the kapanapannya, he said during a press conference held at the islands Two Restaurants, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday 18 November 2013.

Nuri continued, they have yet to discuss the plan further, because the prospective inlaws are still examined by doctors in the Middle East.

we are a big family, Datuk Yahya was the first child of Adams first child, Bang, we want this wedding was attended by parents, said pesinteron Love it

rather than fly to Saudi, Parrot prefers are in Indonesia and send prayers to the prospective fatherinlaw.

this is a decision that we made. We appreciate our family. Weve been giving the statement. The 22nd monggo sowan to home, said the woman who is now veiled.

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Ger Confident As A Lakiaki Even Though It Has Relieved To Confess As A Gay

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The bloody latin singer Ricky Martin said, no longer confident as a lakiaki. Even though it has relieved to confess as a gay, Ricky felt his career as the singer will not be much longer.

Offered from Femalefirst, Ricky briefly worried thousands of fans around the world will leave him because of the shocking confession. Ricky also hope a number of fans still love him.

I am so scared. I had to work hard to build my confidence again though it is difficult, said Ricky, Monday 18 November 2013.

Chanter Livin La Vida Loca was also scorned a large family and a close friend of post recognition as gay.

I feel different. Accept who you are, indeed it is the biggest challenge, he said.

admitted that he was gay in 2010 is a fantastic experience, let alone express it when he was in the U.N. forum, surrounded by orangrang who fight for one thing, love, equality and social justice.
who now have twins aged four years, Matteo and Valentino, who was born via a surrogate mother, to this day still loyal to its fellow partner, Carlos Gonzlez Abella. Even so, he admitted, had fallen in love with women in the past. He felt no regret with such experience.

Ive slept with women and Ive fallen in love with them and I feel it is a h

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